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Fuel costs and maintenance challenges conspire against all major airlines in their fight for profitability. These two factors are most impactful on aging aircraft. Recent assessments have suggested that the average age of the aircraft in airline fleets is between 11 and 14 years, with some airline’s fleets averaging more than 16 years old. Nearly 1 in 4 planes flown today by U.S. airlines are more than 15 years old. In a tight market that needs every advantage to ensure profitability, the airline that can best collect analyze and put their data to use will have a distinct competitive advantage.

Purpose-Built Technology

Bit Stew’s MIx Core is solving the data integration challenge for the aviation industry. The platform unifies billions of traditionally siloed data points across aviation and air traffic management to increase awareness, discover new business insights, improve operations and asset performance. By ingesting and analyzing vast amounts of aviation data, Bit Stew delivers immediate value to airlines with three key performance benefits:

Reduced Downtime

By integrating and analyzing current and historic engine performance, the airline is more effectively able to automate the ongoing maintenance needs of the aircraft. This ensures that all operational functions of the aircraft are maintained at peak efficiency.

Lower Fuel Costs

Fuel is by far the biggest cost for airlines, in recent years it represented as much as two-fifths of total expenditures. Fuel will always remain a pressure point for airlines bottom line. All the fleet’s historical performance data, including environmental, engine and aircraft performance data are analyzed and interpreted along with constant monitoring of real-time fuel use to identify and eliminate inefficiencies in fuel consumption and identify alternative operating procedures to eliminate fuel waste.

Fewer Delays and Cancellations

Delays, whether caused by equipment failure, unplanned maintenance, weather or crew, cost the airline industry more than $9B annually. More broadly, NEXTOR and the FAA once estimated that the cost of delays to passengers was an additional $16.7B. Through machine learning and artificial intelligence, Bit Stew solutions help guide operational activity that can dramatically cut airline delays.


Accelerating Data Integration for Aviation


Data Integration Challenges Prohibit Clear Insight into Asset Performance

  • Transforming data from multiple disparate sources into a common model is a slow process

  • Manual process to correlate alarms from control systems with sensor data


Machine Intelligence with MIx Core

  • Facilitated automated data mapping & semantic modeling by dynamically inspecting & learning from the data

  • Allowed reliability centers to troubleshoot engine performance in real-time

  • Guided operational activity to dramatically cut airline delays, lower costs, & maintain aircraft at peak efficiency

Customer Proof Point

Bit Stew’s machine intelligence capabilities enabled intelligent aviation with automated data mapping and semantic modeling. Project costs were reduced from 6 man months to just under 5 hours

The Bit Stew Systems, From GE Digital Difference

Rapid Data Integration

Bit Stew’s purpose-built software platform massively reduces the cost of data integration for airlines, which can often comprise as much as 80 percent of the costs of data management and analytics projects

Gaining New Insights

The MIx Core platform provides dramatic, real-time data insights previously unobtainable while automating data-heavy processes

Improve Asset Performance

Bit Stew’s solutions integrate and visualize tremendous data volumes to allow airlines to better understand and manage aircraft and machine performance to achieve peak efficiencies

Proven Technology for Aviation

The MIx Core platform is in active deployment with one of the largest airlines in the world, ingesting the real-time operational data of more than 900 planes within the airline’s fleet

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