Learn. Collaborate. Build.

Extend on the Power of MIx

Learn, collaborate, and build all in the MIx Developer Network™ (MDN). Get access to the tools, technologies and support you need to extend the MIx product portfolio so you can build the next great app.

Introducing the MDN


Created by Developers for Developers – The MDN is here

The MDN is more than just an SDK. It provides everything you need to build custom applications that will help businesses unlock the full potential of the Industrial Internet of Things. It’s a fully functional development environment that supports your continuous deployment efforts with improved DevOps collaboration. You’ll have access to forums, chat rooms, and workgroups for collaboration. IDEs and build servers for CI, QA supported by Jenkins, debuggers, and GitHub for managing source code. With the MDN, you can sink your teeth into tutorials, sample code, self-paced training, and documentation, right away.

Start Small. Think Plugin

Step 1: Identify the problem. Step 2: Write the code. Step 3: Solve the problem. It’s that easy. You can extend the power of the MIx product portfolio by developing dynamic plugins that are designed for reuse and cover a broad range of functionality such as data adapters, reports, and indicators. Package these plugins together as a MIx App™ and you’re on your way to monetizing your expertise in the marketplace.

Build Better Apps. Period

Don’t bang your head against the wall. We’ve got your back. Within the MDN environment, you can leverage collaboration tools such as peer-to-peer chat room that provide access to real-time information sharing, sample code, templates and technical documentation. Plus, you’ll have access to your team’s workgroup space for documenting solutions, creating diagrams and having a full repository of content.

Get coding: You’re just one click away

From Dev, to QA, to Production. We’ve got you covered in our agile software environment. Need to check-in code, debug, or test applications in a live environment? The MDN is a complete DevOps system that is purpose-built to enable you to build, test, and release applications both quickly and reliably. Did we mention that MDN is a cloud-hosted service? The MDN allows you to develop platform software without having to install anything locally or manage complex software dependencies.

“Bit Stew’s MIx Developer Network enables developers to rapidly design intuitive, efficient and cost-effective applications that easily integrate with existing technologies. This agile environment provides a set of tools, training, models and community engagement to codify industrial knowledge and turn them into rapidly executable applications.”

-  Mike Varney, Executive Director, Strategic Initiatives and Product Management

More than just an SDK

Life’s too short to run proprietary software.  With access to the MDN, you can go beyond the platform to create entirely new and innovative applications that are purpose-built for your specific use cases. The MIx Developer Network is a service offered exclusively to Bit Stew’s customers and partners. MDN members will enjoy access to the following benefits:


  • Self-paced training via Bit Stew University
  • Product Documentation
  • Sample Code
  • How-to Tutorials


  • Chat
  • Forums
  • Document Sharing
  • Wikis


  • IDE
  • Sandbox Environment
  • Source Code Repository
  • Continuous Integration
  • QA Environment
  • Debugger

MIx Defined

We created MIx to bring humans closer to machines. Once you’re in the MDN, you’ll code in MIx – a XML syntax created by Bit Stew Systems. The MIx language was developed by Bit Stew for the MIx Core platform as an expressive and high-level language for extending functionality within the platform and the applications that run on it.  The expressive nature and XML structure of the language is purpose-built to handle data integration while also being structured and intuitive for both machine generation and human development.


With MIx, you can write simple XML macros for creating business assertions, templates for analysis and information processing, as well as new library features for functions and indicators.  The MIx language is based on the concept of Templates, Functions and Query syntax.  MIx templates are an XML-based language that dynamically integrates and transforms data from a wide variety of sources to create new, composite data sets. These templates are very similar in structure and grammar to XSLT style sheets and are therefore easy to learn.

Get into the MIx

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