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Data Intelligence for the Industrial IoT


Data Integration at Industrial Scale

Data integration is the Achilles’ heel for industrial organizations. 80% of data analytics project cost is associated with data integration and of those projects 50% fail. These projects often rely on traditional ETL or BI tools administered by large integration teams.

IIoT Amplifies the Data Integration Challenge

The Hidden Cost of Integration – Traditional ETL Compounds Your Data Problem

Extract. Transform. Load.

Starts with extracting source data into target location without applying any schema, context or semantics around the data. Transformation is then undertaken by a team of integrators, architects, data scientists and more before it can provide value to business and operational teams.

This model does not work for large volumes of complex data


Machine Intelligence
– How We Make your Data Work for You

Automate complex IIoT data management with machine intelligence by creating relationships across your industrial data regardless of format, frequency, and type. Bit Stew Systems, From GE Digital’s technology applies schema to data as its ingested in order to speed integration. An optimized NoSQL architecture and ability to dynamically adapt to sources as they come online allows you to ingest and integrate all your data 6x faster than traditional ETL.

Small Teams Can Solve Big Industrial Problems








Bit Stew integrated 54 source systems at a large East Coast energy company
serving 2 million customers in 1.5 weeks with only 1 engineer

From Calendar Time, to Wrist-Watch Time

Bit Stew’s technology modeled, mapped, integrated, indexed and built visual indicators for an Oil & Gas data set in less than 4 hours compared to 6 man months that used data historians, data mapping technologies, and open-source big data solutions

Key Capabilities

Rapid Data Integration

Fast, dynamic, and intelligently automated data ingestion from all operational and enterprise systems

Machine Intelligence

Analytic ensembles utilize machine learning algorithms to create context, learn patterns, detect anomalies, and store new intelligence into Bit Stew’s knowledge repository

Edge Analytics

No more data latency. Analytics applied to data from control systems at the edge to cloud environments

Dynamic Adapters

Regardless of whether a data source speaks a proprietary language or not, Bit Stew’s technology is capable of integrating its data with a universal adapter

Semantic Modeling

Intelligently automate integration to model and map your data enterprise-wide

Pluggable Architecture

The ‘pluggable’ nature of the technology gives you the ability to slot in new repositories, new persistence methods, new access methods, and even new algorithms

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Enable intelligent asset strategies that balance cost, availability, and

risk to optimize your overall asset and operational performance.


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