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How Bit Stew Became a Leader in Data Intelligence

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Vancouverite Kevin Collins and Californian Alex Clark came up with the idea for Bit Stew after seeing first-hand, the data integration problem the industry was facing. Since then, they’ve never looked back.

It was at previous company that Collins first met software engineer Alex Clark. Both witnessed the challenge of integrating data captured from multiple, and not always compatible, sources. “We had to pull all this data from various customers to digitize content, and the technologies to do so were ineffective. We saw there was a big market opportunity if we could solve that problem.” That’s when the pair began building their MIx Core data intelligence platform, which is proven to handle complex data integration, data analysis, and predictive automation for connected devices on the Industrial Internet.


“Data integration is the Achilles heel of dealing with data coming from diverse sources and systems,” says Kevin. “With our technology, we can intelligently ingest data, model it, make sense of it, establish relationships and cleanse the data through our artificial intelligence engine, which does in minutes what can take months, if not years for a human to do.”


Bit Stew’s traction to date is impressive, evidenced by a growing list of customers, industry opportunities, and investors. Bit Stew targeted utilities first, signing BC Hydro and Michigan-based Consumers Energy as pilot customers. The company had expanded into Europe, signing Scottish and Southern Energy, and added three industry verticals (oil and gas, aviation, and manufacturing). Bit Stew has approximately 100 employees and is headquartered in Canada with offices in the USA, Australia, and Europe.

GE Digital Acquires Bit Stew Systems to Accelerate Digital Industrial Transformation

Fast forward to present day, as GE Digital announces that it has acquired Bit Stew to accelerate digital industrial transformation. Kevin says, “GE Digital acquired Bit Stew which is great news for so many reasons. They love our technology, our team, and our ecosystem. We see this opportunity with GE, not as a exit, but as an entrance to new opportunities that will allow us to keep our vision of digitizing the industrial world, going.”

GE Digital’s acquisition of Bit Stew adds a strong set of technology talent and expertise to their fast growing team. Kevin adds, “Everyone is really excited to join the GE family. GE’s vision of a software-defined future strongly aligns with Bit Stew’s vision and capabilities and we are looking forward to the pivotal role our people and our technology will play in driving the industrial ecosystem forward.”


“At Bit Stew, we’re proud of what we’ve built together, and we’re excited about the opportunity that being part of GE means for all of us.” - Kevin Collins

Bit Stew: Where Passion, Talent and an Entrepreneurial Spirit Comes to Work Every Day

Alex echos Kevin’s excitement about the acquisition, “GE and Bit Stew share the same vision for digitizing the industry. A huge opportunity is presented when you collect information from assets such as jet engines, locomotives, equipment and manufacturing plants.

When you analyze and understand the value of your data, you can begin to optimize your entire business. Proactive insights into the health of your equipment can lead to major cost savings and improved uptime.

Alex adds, “Having GE recognize the technology, our team and everything the heart and soul that’s been put into this company is very satisfying. To now have the backing of such a respected entity like GE will really push the Bit Stew team to the next level in terms of helping transform the industrial world. We’re pretty excited about the possibilities.”

“Today’s announcement provides powerful validation for our team, that after 10 years of steadfast development and business execution, we’ve built a proven and differentiated technology that is solving the data integration problem for industry like never seen before.” - Alex Clark


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