Founded on an Entrepreneurial Spirit


Bit Stew’s organizational culture is anchored by a passion for customers' success and this is reflected at all levels of the company.

Kevin Collins


Kevin brings more than 25 years of experience in architecting and designing enterprise-class software and systems solutions, both as a start-up entrepreneur and as a corporate executive. Kevin has extensive domain knowledge about the technology challenges facing industrial operations today.

Before founding Bit Stew, Kevin worked closely with a number of Silicon Valley companies while at Ernst & Young, and was a key innovator within Navio Systems and NetReliance. Prior to his time in Silicon Valley, Kevin worked in the high-tech networking and security field, and led technology firms specializing in cryptography, public key infrastructures and high-performance and scalable networks. He also spent many years working on networking technologies in Motorola’s Wireless Research Group.

As CEO of Bit Stew, Kevin established the vision and direction for the company, leads the evolution of the horizontally aligned MIx Core™ platform and acts as chief customer advocate. Kevin remains passionate about the Industrial Internet and works closely with customers to continue Bit Stew’s tradition of innovation.

Alex Clark


Alex is a seasoned technology innovator and a leading expert in embedded software, high performance compute-architectures, service oriented technologies, enterprise class computing, and building high-performance, secure, scalable and distributed solutions. Alex studied aerospace engineering at San Jose State University, has been a member of several industry alliances, authored numerous publications and patents, and has served as guest speaker on various topics at corporations and universities around the world.

In prior roles within industry, Alex was responsible for data integration and data processing on widely dispersed sensor networks with millions of intelligent devices. He was also Chief Technology Officer with Navio Systems in Silicon Valley and led the technical vision for the company’s award-winning and patented rights-based commerce technology. Prior to Navio, Alex was Chief Software Architect for B3 Security Corp., where he conceptualized and built the company’s secure, distributed and real-time transaction processing system. Alex was named to Business in Vancouver’s 40 Under 40 list in 2015 for his leadership and technology innovation.

Alex is responsible for developing the initial software that has evolved into MIx Core and is an expert in real-time systems, complex data integration and artificial intelligence. In his current role as Chief Software Architect at Bit Stew, Alex leads the R&D function and collaborates on the evolution of the product roadmap. In this position, he combines his extensive experience in the Industrial Internet with his deep knowledge of software design.

“If you went to bed last night as an industrial company, you’re going to wake up this morning as a software
and analytics company.”

Jeff Immelt


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