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Industrial Internet for Smart Manufacturing

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The Industrial Internet of Things is transforming manufacturing with the potential to speed production, increase workforce efficiency, improve asset optimization and achieve faster time to value. Yet, many manufacturing facilities are struggling to extract real value from the deluge of data produced by the vast number of connected machines, sensors and systems at work throughout a modern manufacturing facility.

Purpose-Built Technology

Bit Stew’s MIx Core is purpose-built to handle the complexity and scale of the Industrial Internet of Things. The platform enables manufacturing facilities to unify the siloed data streams generated by the numerous sensors, connected assets and legacy systems at work throughout both the operational and IT sides of manufacturing. MIx Core combines all this disparate data into a common model, allowing manufacturing facilities to gain actionable intelligence that can be used to increase production, improve operational efficiency and optimize asset management.

Enterprise-wide View

The MIx Core platform unites disparate data sources into a single, holistic platform and common data model, giving manufacturing facilities an enterprise-wide view across all their IT and operational systems, connected machines, equipment, sensors and more

Increased Production

With rich visualizations of their IT and operational data, real-time data management and predictive analytics, manufacturing facilities can gain the intelligence needed to improve asset performance, decrease maintenance and downtime, increase production and speed time-to-market

Improved Efficiency

For the first time, manufacturing facilities can leverage the power of the Industrial Internet of Things to identify opportunities for improving business processes as well as operational and workforce efficiencies


Solving the Data Integration Challenge at the Edge


Data Integration across Disparate
Data Sources

  • Managing equipment downtime with advanced preventive maintenance schemes

  • Optimizing cell/region/sector performance

  • Ingesting data in any format from any application, broker/bus, or sensor at speed

  • Supporting partial to full automation entire workflows


MIx Core leverages machine intelligence libraries

  • Applied sophisticated machine intelligence algorithms and ensembles for data modeling, data cleansing, and anomaly detection

  • Created semantic data models based on raw (untransformed) sensor data bringing ingestion and analytics to a higher level of sophistication

  • Federated architecture enabled distributed intelligence across other connected edge devices, enabling new functionality to be downloaded at the device level using plugins

The Bit Stew Systems, From GE Digital Difference

Purpose-built for the Industrial Internet, the MIx Core platform seamlessly integrates disparate data streams from assets, networks and systems to give manufacturing facilities the insights and actionable intelligence they need to improve operations

Asset Performance Management

By integrating and visualizing data from all the different connected assets throughout a modern manufacturing facility, Bit Stew’s MIx solutions help manufacturers optimize asset performance through real-time understanding of asset health and predictive maintenance

Data-driven Automation

Using machine learning and predictive analytics, Bit Stew’s technology enables manufacturing facilities to increase automation, identify options to improve operational efficiency

Real-time Analytics at Scale

Bit Stew’s MIx Core platform is built specifically to handle the scale, complexity and volume of industrial data. Manufacturing facilities can apply real-time and predictive analytics to all industrial sensor data, physical connections/aggregations and enterprise systems to detect patterns, identify opportunities, improve performance and gain a holistic view of enterprise operations

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