Purpose-Built Technology

Higher Production through Greater Uptime

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Every 30,000 miles of natural gas pipeline in the United States generates 17 terabytes of data each day. And that represents just a sliver of the broader oil and gas industry. By analyzing more data than the world’s largest social media companies, Bit Stew provides the only technology solutions that are uniquely able to help upstream and midstream oil and gas companies to turn data into actionable insights that lower operational costs, improve asset performance and maximize production.

Purpose-Built Technology

Bit Stew’s MIx Core platform unifies billions of traditionally siloed data points across industrial environments to give operators and engineers a single, integrated view of their operations, assets and communication networks. We deliver value to upstream and midstream oil and gas companies in three core areas that can transform an organization’s performance:

Operational Improvement
and Efficiency Gains

By integrating data from assets, networks and systems, operators and engineers have ready access to the information they need about asset performance, maintenance, network health and other issues. This improves process and response times, accelerates speed to resolution, maintains continuity through shift changes and ultimately increases uptime.

Better Asset Performance

The ability to instantly understand the health of an asset can be the difference between a disaster, regulatory fines and a safety risk. Instead of waiting for the manufacturer’s recommendation for when to replace equipment, Bit Stew helps oil and gas companies use performance data to understand when maintenance is needed or when an asset could potentially fail. This capability extends an asset’s life through better maintenance and reduces organizational expenditures.

Higher Production Through
Greater Uptime

Ultimately, oil and gas companies care about production. Bit Stew delivers operational and process improvements as well as optimized asset performance that leads to greater system uptime and maximized production.


Accelerating Data Integration for Upstream Oil & Gas


Data Integration across Disparate
Data Sources

  • Too much time composing time-series data into a common model

  • Each customer’s data environment represented unique challenges

  • Human interpretation of data resulting in lengthy & costly data integration projects
    ~ 6 months


Machine Intelligence with MIx Core

  • Bit Stew’s machine intelligence capabilities automated data mapping & semantic modeling

  • Reduced project cost from 6 man months
    to < 5 hours

Customer Proof Point

Bit Stew’s Mix Core platform modeled, mapped, indexed and built visual indicators for an Oil & Gas use case in less than five hours compared to six man months that used data historians, data mapping technologies, and open-source data stores

The Bit Stew Systems, From GE Digital Difference

Edge Intelligence

Through the power of MIx Core, upstream and midstream oil and gas companies can take advantage of control systems and data generated from asset sensors across their infrastructure

Asset Performance Management

By integrating and visualizing tremendous data volumes, Bit Stew’s solutions provide upstream and midstream oil and gas companies with the situational awareness needed to better understand and manage asset performance

Data-driven Automation

We make it easy for oil and gas companies to aggregate data at scale, unlocking insights that help drive automated responses

Virtual Operator

Whether you are a drill ship operator, pipeline foreman or a chief engineer, Bit Stew simplifies the visualization of big data and provides clarity into what is needed to maximize uptime and improve asset management

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