Placing the Smart in Smart Grids

with Actionable Intelligence

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With the proliferation of smart meters, grid sensors, distributed generation and other connected devices, the utility industry has never before dealt with as much data, coming from as many different devices and sensors as today. Utility companies are challenged with extracting meaningful intelligence from the tremendous volumes of raw data being generated.

Purpose-Built Technology

By uniting centrally managed data sources with connected devices across an utility company’s infrastructure, Bit Stew’s MIx Core platform combines real-time data management, analytics and rich visualizations. Mlx Core helps the utility industry increase awareness, discover new business insights, improve operations and asset performance. Information is unified into a common data model, providing an enterprise-wide foundation for deploying powerful applications to unlock the potential of the Industrial Internet of Things.

Real-time Insight

The MIx Core platform automatically gathers information about physical assets – machines, equipment, devices, facilities, and vehicles –
to monitor status or behavior

Complete Visibility & Control

Using that information, MIx Core provides visibility and control to help optimize processes and resource use, and improve decision-making for industrial enterprises

Contextual View

Purpose-built for the Industrial Internet, MIx Core is uniquely capable of deriving actionable intelligence from the massive volume and variety of data infusing every aspect of the evolving utility industry


Accelerating Data Integration for the Utility Industry


Data Integration across Disparate Data Sources to enable Operational Intelligence

  • Post smart-meter roll-out values rose from 30K to 237M per day including registers, intervals and events

  • Transforming data from multiple disparate sources into a common model is a slow process

  • Human interpretation of data resulting in lengthy & costly data integration projects
    ~ 6 months


‘Single Pane of Glass’ for Greater Operational Insights

  • Quickly integrated data from nearly 2 million smart meters, more than 30 network systems and thousands of network assets

  • Applied machine learning and predictive analytics to recognize patterns automatically, detect anomalies and automate responses to help operators triage situations

Customer Proof Point

Bit Stew integrated 54 source systems at a large East Coast utility company serving two million customers in 1.5 weeks with only 1 engineer

The Bit Stew Systems, From GE Digital Difference

Bit Stew helps utility companies seamlessly collect, integrate, analyze and visualize data from assets, networks and systems to get the insights needed to make intelligent business decisions. MIx Core ingests data from disparate arrays of subsystems much more quickly than traditional ETL (extract, transform and load) approaches or data warehousing methods.

It’s Our Heritage

Purpose-built for the Industrial Internet, MIx Core is uniquely capable of deriving actionable intelligence from the massive volume and variety of data infusing every aspect of the IIoT

Robust Data Model

Bit Stew offers utility companies, regardless if they are electric, gas or water, the most comprehensive data model built on industry standards

Applied Analytics

From meter to grid operations, Bit Stew has solved many use cases with its analytics and apps

Pre-built Data Adapters

Bit Stew has the utility industry covered. Leverage our library of pre-built
adapters to quickly ingest data from your common operational and enterprise systems

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